Snap circuits pro : build over 500 exciting projects ; have fun learning all about electronics.
Publisher, Date:
Wheeling, IL : Elenco Electronics, 2012.
1 kit (1 base grid, 6 1-snap wires, 12 2-snap wires, 4 3-snap wires, 2 4-snap wires, 2 5-snap wires, 1 6-snap wire, 1 7-snap wire, 1 WC whistle chip, 1 S1 slide switch, 1 S2 press switch, 1 RP photoresistor, 1 D1 red light emitting diode (LED), 1 L1 2.5V lamp, 2 B1 battery holder, 1 SP speaker, 1 U1 music integrated circuit, 1 U2 alarm integrated circuit, 1 U3 space war integrated circuit, 1 M1 motor, 1 fan, 1 R1 100 Ohm resistor, 1 jumper wire (black), 1 jumper wire (red), 1 A1 antenna coil, 1 D2 green light emitting diode (LED), 1 L2 6V lamp, 1 X1 microphone, 1 U4 power amplifier integrated circuit, 1 C1 0.02æF capacitor, 1 C2 0.1æF capacitor, 1 C3 10æF capacitor, 1 C4 100æF capacitor, 1 C5 470æF capacitor, 1 R2 1 kOhm resistor, 1 R3 5.1 kOhm resistor, 1R4 10 kOhm resistor, 1R5 100 kOhm resistor, 1 U5 high frequency integrated circuit, 1 Q1 PNP transistor, 1Q2 NPN transistor, 1 RV adjustable resistor, 1 CV variable capacitor, 1 D3 diode(1N4001), 1 D7 7-segment LED display, 1 FM module, 1 M2 analog meter, 1 Q3 SCR, 1 S3 relay, 1 T1 transformer, 1 U6 recording integrated circuit, 3 instructional books)
This kit provides over 500 projects to learn about electronics. Build gadgets such as an FM radio, an adjustable light control, a digital voice recorder and an AC generator.
Target Audience Note:
Ages 8-108.
Title from box.
"Model SC-500"
May only be checked out and returned at the DeWitt Community Library.
This project was made possible by a NYS Special Legislative Grant facilitated by Assemblyman Sam Roberts.
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