4th ed.
Publisher, Date:
Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works, c2010.
xviii, 443 p.
Your cover letter is an employer's first impression of you. Learn simple, step-by-step techniques that will make your cover letter stand out from the competition.
Professional resume and cover letter writers reveal their inside secrets for creating phenomenal cover letters that get attention and land interviews. Features more than 130 sample cover letters written for all types of job seekers, including the Before-and-After transformations that can make boring letters fabulous.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Introduction -- The cover letter is how it all starts -- How this book is organized -- The purpose and objectives of a cover letter -- The importance of cover letters in your winning job search campaign --The rules : there aren't any! -- pt. I. Creating and distributing your cover letters -- 1. Cover letter formats and types for every situation -- Cover letter formats -- A word about electronic communication -- The nine types of cover letters -- 2. Preparing to write -- Six steps to better cover letters -- Step 1 : identify your key selling points -- 3. Writing your cover letters -- Step 2 : pre-plan -- Step 3 : write the opening paragraph -- Step 4 : write the body -- Step 5 : write the closing -- Step 6 : polish, proofread, and finalize -- 4. The anatomy of a winning electronic cover letter (plus electronic resume tips) -- Electronic cover letters -- Electronic and scannable resumes -- 5. Cover letter presentation -- Developing winning visual presentations -- Design considerations -- 6. Answers to common cover letter questions--and tips to help you beat the odds -- Frequently asked cover letter and resume questions -- Using your PC in your job search -- Distributing your resumes and cover letters -- Managing the paperwork and the job search process --
pt. II. Sample cover letters -- 7. Before-and-after cover letter transformations -- How to use the samples -- 8. Winning cover letters for blue-collar and trades positions -- Top 5 cover letter writing tips for blue-collar and trades positions -- 9. Winning cover letters for young professionals/new graduates -- Top 5 cover letter writing tips for young professionals/new graduates -- 10. Winning cover letters for mid-career professionals -- Top 5 cover letter writing tips for mid-career professionals -- 11. Winning cover letters for senior managers and executives -- Top 5 cover letter writing tips for senior managers and executives -- 12. Winning cover letters for technical and scientific professionals -- Top 5 cover letter writing tips for technical and scientific professionals -- 13. Winning cover letters for career changers -- Top 5 cover letter writing tips for career changers --
pt. III. The total job search : thank-you letters, recruiters, and resumes -- 14. Winning thank-you letters -- How thank-you letters can help you land a job -- Frequently asked questions about thank-you letters -- Thank-you letter checklist -- One final recommendation -- Sample thank-you letters -- 15. Cover letter tips and techniques from recruiters -- Advice from the recruiters -- Key points to remember -- 16. Next-generation job search letters -- High-impact networking letters -- Personal branding letters -- Reconnecting letters -- Career-update letters -- 17. Winning resume strategies -- Resume strategy -- Resume writing -- Resume presentation -- Recommended resume formats -- Magical tips on resume writing -- 18. Strategies, tips, and techniques to recession-proof your career -- Job search in a challenging economic environment -- The eight most important elements of job search success -- The bicycle model of job search -- The top eight lifelong career-management strategies for success -- Moving forward -- pt. IV. Appendixes -- Appendix A. Using keywords to win in your job search -- What are keywords, and where did they come from? -- What is all this talk about keywords and scanning? -- How do I use keywords in my cover letters? -- Which keywords are right for me, my profession, and my industry? -- Appendix B. Action verbs for cover letters -- Appendix C. Recommended job search and career Web sites -- Dictionaries and glossaries -- Job search sites -- Company information -- Interviewing company research tips and techniques -- Salary and compensation information -- Top 10 career blogs -- Appendix D. Index of contributors -- Index.
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Cover Letter Magic reveals the inside secrets for creating phenomenal cover letters that get noticed and land interviews. Step-by-step instructions throughout the book teach readers how to write, format, and distribute their cover letters for maximum impact. This extensive resource showcases more than 130 sample cover letters for all types of job seekers, including blue collar and trades, new graduate, mid-career professionals, senior managers and executives, and technical and scientific professions. Before-and-After transformations demonstrate how to turn a boring letter into a knockout. New content for this edition includes a chapter on recession-proofing your career and lifetime career management, as well as more sample electronic cover letters.
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