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An everyday hero
The land beneath us
The six-gun tarot
An inconvenient duke
The worst best man : a novel
The absolution
The king at the edge of the world : a novel
Salt River
The burn
The unspoken name
Run me to earth : a novel
Been there, married that
All the best lies
Upright women wanted
Weather : a novel
Two steps forward
Calling on Quinn
Mercy House : a novel
The last day : a novel
The killing tide
Alone in the wild : a Rockton novel
Thief River Falls
The resisters : a novel
Sisters by choice
The only child : a novel
The regrets : a novel
The illness lesson
The authenticity project
Minor dramas & other catastrophes
Perfect little children
Things in jars : a novel
The chill : a novel
The mercies : a novel
Dead to her : a novel
Eden mine
A beautiful crime : a novel