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New Books
The book of magic
Final season
Frankie & Bug
Chez Bob
Construction site : road crew, coming through!
Inside Cat
Over my dead body
Small pleasures : a novel
No one will miss her : a novel
A line to kill
The Judge
The brides of Maracoor : a novel
No words : a novel
A spindle splintered
The Apollo murders : a novel
Dear Santa : a novel
Warriors of God
Waiting on love
A Christmas courtship
The Christmas village
The hidden child : a novel
The vanished days
Well matched
Our own place : all kinds of homes
Sneakers : a graphic history
Big-time football records
Go hiking!
Silly jokes about school
Poisonous plants
Carnivorous plants
The Great Depression
The rise of environmentalism
Postwar America
Birthday traditions around the world
Wishing traditions around the world
Lake Ontario