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New Books
The loudest
After hours on Milagro Street
Mother of strangers
A dress of violet taffeta
The fossil hunter
Things we do in the dark
Properties of thirst : a novel
Mercury Pictures presents : a novel
The family remains : a novel
A map for the missing
Stay awake
The road taken : a memoir
The last Karankawas : a novel
Bark to the future
Death in Dalvik
The creak on the stairs
Double puppy trouble
Brush! Brush! Brush!
Love times infinity
The half life of Valery K : a novel
Dirt Creek
Mademoiselle revolution
The littlest library : a novel
A strange and stubborn endurance
Reckoning : an FBI thriller
What is the Supreme Court?
Mi casa is my home
The last to vanish : a novel
The daughter of Doctor Moreau : a novel
Point last seen
Crying in the bathroom : a memoir